Garage Door Opener

It is best to be aware of the many different types of gate openers out there before you start buying or installing one

Different Types of Garage Door Openers


Garage Door Openers

It is a necessity for every home to have their garage have doors for their safety and security. It is best to be aware of the many different types of gate openers out there before you start buying or installing one. Gate openers are not usually cheap, especially now that technology is involved with it. That said, before you even spend money on it, make sure that you know exactly what your garage door needs and the features that would do well for your space.

Garage Door Openers for Residential Use

Door Edge Sensor: If you want your garage doors in full blown high technology mode, this would definitely work in your house. This is usually used for commercial purpose, but this could work in a residential setting as well. This might be pricier than the others for a garage door security, but we can tell you that it is worth it.

Electric Eye: This could be a little bit complicated than other garage door openers because the installation is a tad tricky. This is among those gate openers that should be handled by a professional. There are certain rules involving installation and it must be followed for it to work. For example, this particular type of garage door opener requires that you install it six inches above your garage floor. One caution that you should be aware of is that when you install it, you have to make sure that your kid or any child won’t be able to touch or crawl in the area where the sensor is present.

Garage Door Openers for Commercial Use

Hydraulic Opener: Believe it or not, liquid is involved in this technology. Hydraulic gate openers are preferred for commercial use, as the fluids used for its functions could open huge commercial gates. This could also be used in a residential setting, but it is way fitted for establishment with big gates to close. One of the advantages of this type of door opener is the fact that you could customize it and make it a non-locking one.

Mechanical Opener: This one would require either a high or a low voltage. Ideally this is suited for driveways and barriers, which is perfect for business establishments who owns them. This could also be used in your home garage, but it is best if you pick for business reasons. This has to be connected to a main line since electricity plays a huge part on making it work. Just make sure you have a generator or a backup plan in case there is an outage in your area. If you are feeling more environment-friendly, you can use solar panels too.

It is given that garage openers are mostly powered by electricity. Others have it in battery, but most people prefer to connect it to an electrical outlet. The downside is when there is a power outage and you don’t have a backup power to control your garage door. That is the reason why some would just use battery operated gate openers.

These are so far the basics that you need to know when it comes to the different types of garage openers out there. You don’t have to install it yourself because there are services and companies that are willing to do it for you.

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